iPhone X Overview

The presence of the iPhone X Middle so warm conversation. Carrying design bezel-less are different from previous iPhone series. Many consider the iPhone X as the smartphone of the future.
Behind the cool design and features brought by the iPhone X, how much do you know the latest smartphone from Apple? After JalanTikus gave a list of the powerful features of iPhone X, yuk look interesting facts surrounding the iPhone X!

Facts About Apple iPhone X

It is not impossible if you are dazzled by the charm of iPhone X, but want to buy such thinkers because the price of the iPhone X is high. Rather than just listlessness and cravings want iPhone X, please recognize first iPhone X further.
1. Made of unique
It not only comes with a special design and different from its predecessor but the iPhone X also present specials to celebrate the birthday of the 10th edition of the iPhone. After the first release of the iPhone on June 29, 2007, Apple's past success defending the existence of the iPhone for ten years! 
So now you not curious why its name iPhone X, right? X here can only read Ten (United Kingdom), as the celebration of the anniversary of the iPhone to 10.
2. New Marketing Techniques
Apple usually releases the S series, after the publication of the previous variants. This year Apple did not release iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, why? Lived had lived, it turns out that this is a new technique to make the naming of the next iPhone more attractive.
With a chaotic start ' naming ' the many people intrigued by the iPhone. Guess what, the iPhone what will be released next? Does iPhone 7S, 8S, iPhone iPhone iPhone 9, or XS? Make a curious!
3. Support Fast Charging
More sophisticated, iPhone X wireless technology support has been charging. Not only that, but the latest iPhone is also supported the fast charging technology that can recharge the battery 50% within 30 minutes. But, this can only be used if you make USB type-C and also the USB charger adapter type C.
Now that's he's 3 X iPhone facts you should know about. It turns out the iPhone Edition is made especially for those various moneyed Yes! Well, his name is also a Special Edition. So, if you want to read more about how to use this device, you can visit the iPhone X user guide.

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