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The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have just landed in the market, with its pluses and minuses. Some users agree with Apple, which announced the seventh generation of their phones claiming that they are the best that have ever created. But others say that, far from being so, Cupertino firm smartphones are new, although not innovative.
Opinions are divided, I personally think that there is anything new and improved, but Apple has worked more in the campaign to advertise the iPhone 7 to launch a really innovative devices able to shadow the current range Android butt. Just look at the despiezo that made the team of experts at iFixit to check what is inside the elder brother and vessel bite Apple, iPhone 7 Plus logo.
In any case, if si estas you are considering the possibility of acquiring one of these terminals - whose prices range from 769 euro 989 euros in the case of the iPhone 7 - you may want to know more about what will come soon. Thanks to the information leaked by an employee of Apple, hear about an iPhone 8, which would replace the iPhone 7s and would entail a change in the usual succession of releases from Apple. 

iPhone 8, some details leaked

The signing of Tim Cook is rather conservative in terms of its product range, is not very common to break with its traditions, such as the names that receive their devices. But in 2017 there could be surprises in this aspect. It seems that Apple is preparing a change in their strategies, according to the information that has leaked an employee of an office that the company has in Israel, through a report without conclusion.
New iPhone 7 Plus, so is his brand new dual camera. This document reveals that the "s" range might have come to an end, which will mean that the iPhone 6s is the last terminal with this letter in the name.
This information about the possible twist in the nomenclature of the bite Apple phones is reinforced by an important detail of the leaked report: is referred to the next terminal under the name of iPhone 8 instead of iPhone 7s.
An employee who has leaked this information to this website, mentioned repeatedly a device completed in 8 in their statements and in no time made reference to an iPhone 7s. Changes have sense, since that in 2017 the iPhone will 10 years of life, so it is expected a new phone that if suppose a device that mark a milestone in the history of the company from Cupertino.
Some rumors are running to an iPhone 8 with housing of glass, button home integrated in the screen, renewed system of recognition of footprints and others aspects that would break with what are seeing in the current terminals. It remains to be seen with what surprises us Apple in 2017, at the moment, it is not innovating as expected. What do you think?

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